Disappointment with Disney Stars

I don’t know if any of you have seen the most recent Demi Lovato music video, but I’m disappointed. Let’s just add her to my list of Disney Stars who have completely went off the rail. As a kid, I loved, and I mean loved, Demi, Miley, and Selena. They were my role models and I looked up to them greatly. I look now and cannot believe I even supported them.

Demi– I came across the new music video on Youtube, and should’ve known better, but no I watched it. She clearly supports gay/lesbian rights and was not afraid to tell everyone. She made the statement, “My Jesus loves everyone.” And yes, he does. But sin like homosexuality, is sickening for him to look at. Believe it or not, he turns away. It saddens God to see the way his people have chosen.

Please don’t think I’m hating at all on gays. I’m simply pointing out why I’m deeply disappointed. I don’t hate gays, but I most certainly do NOT support them or believe what they do is right. It’s hugely against the Bible. Therefore, it is a sin. I don’t have to support them, but I still love them, which the Bible tells me to do. I continually pray for them, and I will continue to do so.

Miley-I’m pretty sure all of you have seen Miley lately. And I’m pretty sure she’s not having “identity” issues. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as infatuated with Miley as I was with the other Disney girls. My parents actually didn’t let me watch Hannah Montana and I thank them for that.

I really have no clue what happened to Miley. It was like BAM! Out of the blue, inappropriate clothing, music, and actions. I was literally just like, “What.” My Dad was too.

Selena– She’s actually not as bad as the first two. I just think Justin Beaver, or whatever, kind of led her astray. Last I heard she was in rehab for drinking. Her music though has gotten kind of out-of-hand. I understand she’s getting older, but she has like, seven year old fans looking up to her. I don’t think she takes that into consideration as she parades in stage like a yuppie.

Although, people have different opinions on these girls this is mine. I thought I would share that with you. Feel free to share your thoughts!


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