The Power of Music

Guys it’s been forever. My apologies! My PC crashed with a virus and I just now got my hands on an IPad. Anyhoo.

Music has such a powerful force attached to it. It can make people cry, become depressed, make them really happy, and so on etc. I’ve always wondered why. I can listen to songs and get really happy. Or when I listen to Ed Sheeran, I get major feels. Like AHHH!! Attractive male with red hair singing angelicly.

I think it’s either A. How much emotion people put into the lyrics or B. What they represent. Certain types of music draw in certain types of people. Christians listen to gospel, contemporary Christian, and Southern Gospel. Depressed People intend to listen to Heavy Metal. Southerners absolutely adore country music. And people who love to party listen to rock or pop music.

There’s such a variety of people who listen to such a variety of music. Thanks for reading and I’d love if you commented and possibly followed or shared. Much love!

– El xx


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