If Joss Whedon dare kills…

 Hey guys! It has once more forever. I apologize again and again and again!

 I’m sure you saw the title of this post and thought, “She’s lost it. What?”

I haven’t lost it.

I discovered an article today that made me cry, scream in frustration, and want to curl up in a ball until all my troubles went away. That wouldn’t work though, because if what was said in that article was true it would scar my fandom life forever. I mean forever.

 This article stated two things. One was that one very unlucky Avenger would fall to his/her death. The second was that it’s possible more than one Avenger would fall to his/her death.


 Whose mastermind plan was this? None other than the fabulous, gingertastic director Joss Whedon. Who has a great name to go along with his great artistic talents. But Mr. Whedon why even think about killing our beloved Avengers? I understand in the Civil War comic issues. Iron Man slaughters Captain America over an issue about freedom, but why ALL OF THEM?

 Maybe this isn’t true. Maybe I’m getting worked up over nothing. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. The article didn’t say which Avenger could possibly be dying off, but by my belief either Captain America/Steve or Black Widow. I have reason to believe Cap because Chris Evans recently stated, “After the Avengers I look forward to taking a break from acting.”

Which Avengers? 2? Possibly 3 if he lives long enough to witness the sight? I have no clue about why I think Black Widow though. I get the hunch that she’ll die. Clint will mourn for days, weeks, possibly months over this and get distracted from training or Ultron or something. It might happen you guys! So do I have permission to mourn?


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