Fandom Life

Fandom life can indeed be crazy, but yet, there’s something spectacular about being involved in one. You have your internet friends, your followers, and your much worked on blog. It’s an exhilarating feeling when someone likes your post about Doctor Who or Sherlock etc. It’s just great.

 Although, sometimes it can be quite stressful. I like to kind of laugh at how stressful it is. I’ve been in quite a few fandoms who have has serious diversity and therefore, TONS of arguments. Of course, I’m the type of person who hates to see it, so I’m the one commenting and begging everyone to just stop and enjoy the beauty that is Benedict Cumberbatch, (True story, long story, Another day, another post.)

 A lot of fandoms are separated by different ships, love for different characters, even hatred for different characters. Like, I love Doctor Who but I just could NOT stand Martha. She was so annoying like, “Oh my word, Doctor. You never pay me any attention.” The whole time I’m banging my head against the wall praying some Dalek exterminates her. It didn’t happen.


 Sorry, I feel strongly about this. Anyway although fandom life is diverse, stressful, and sometimes time consuming it is all worth it.


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