“I have a TARDIS.”

I thought I’d share with you how my day was turned from “eh” to “I’m literally floating on air.”

Today we had to meet a friend of ours out in town and I decided to bring a book considering her and my mother would talk about things that absolutely bore me. I decided to bring my book full of Doctor Who quotes. I usually intend on finding a corner, sitting in it, and reading until someone called me back to Earth. But there wasn’t any corner. Well, except the one with the weird dude sitting in it. Another story, another day.

Anyway, I sat. I read, until behold someone had called me back, but it was far too early. I looked up to see a guy. A literal, living organism from the male specimen standing before me. He was actually quite attractive, well dressed, curly hair and such. Adorable.

I attempted to hide my surprise considering most guys run when I get the courage to talk to them which is hardly ever, but the one time I did they ran. He was looking at me, then he turned to my book.

“Is that a Doctor Who book?” He asked. I nodded, not saying anything. I was still quite dumbfounded.
“What’s it called?” He asked again. I showed him the book cover unable to form words. He nodded approvingly. I saw him look around as if he was afraid someone was watching. AND I KID YOU NOT he whispered, “I have a TARDIS.”

I literally died, right then and there. I ended up giggling like the weirdest creature. Perhaps, a very happy Ood. He just grinned and looked at me. He literally looked at me. You know how in books when a female character is the narrator she says, “He studied me.”?

I think that’s what this dude was doing. So after he had whispered I gathered the words to say, “No way.” He just nodded and continued grinning.
“That’s totally cool,” I said.
“It’s a real TARDIS.”
“That’s nice,” I reply. He apologized that he had to go somewhere and ran off. After he left I was quite disappointed considering I thought maybe he was into me or something. HE CAME BACK.
Whipping out his phone, he scrolled through all these photos of an actual TARDIS he built himself. I was impressed and just very happy. I was about to ask him his name, but he said he had to leave for good and ran out the door.
Sadly, I did not get a name or a number. I keep kicking myself for not asking, but oh well. It still made my day.


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