The Issue with “Equality”

Equality is such a hard, much discussed topic anymore. Sorry, correction, homosexuality is such a hard, much discussed topic. Gay marriage, gay rights, etc.  When you look up the definition of the word “equality” this is what you get:

 The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

 How come we only use the word equality when referring to homosexuals or people of another race? We never hear equality for Christians or Muslims do we? No, we don’t. That’s just because some people are so narrow minded about their beliefs that they think only what they believe should be allowed. People have made the word equality just for one group of people. Which I find completely wrong.

 Now if someone was to ask me if I believed in equality what do you think they mean? Equal rights for homosexuals? Or, equal rights for someone of another race? I can assure they are most definitely not asking me if I believe Christians, Buddhists, or Muslims should have just as many rights as the previous people. I don’t support gay marriage or anything along those lines, but neither do I feel hatred toward someone who does. 

 I have gotten into plenty of disagreements between myself and others over this topic. In most cases, I was asked for my opinion, gave it, and people got mad. Then I turn around and they’re cursing God or wronging me for my beliefs. I can stick up for it, but it never stops them. Pretty much, as I’ve said before in previous posts, don’t you dare say anything negative about a homosexual, but it’s okay if they turn around and put me down for my beliefs.

 I just think people should be more careful with the use of the word equality. I hope I opened someone’s eyes. Have a good day!


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