My thoughts on the Peter Capaldi

 I’m sure most of you have heard that Peter Capaldi is our new Doctor and he’s already done a slamming job in the episodes we’ve seen so far. Most people at my school (including annoying teenage girls who only watch Doctor Who for the enjoyment of eye candy) have been complaining about Capaldi a lot. I, on the other hand, love him. I feel like as soon as we get attached to one Doctor it’s time to bring another in. I loved Nine, Ten, and Eleven, although I wish Nine got another season, and I already love Twelve so I know this is gonna be great.

 In past Doctor’s we’ve got a combination of goofy, good looks, youth, and human nature. With Capaldi, he’s got a dry sense of humor and more alien in him. He seems right now that he’s just trying to figure himself out. He’s also older and doesn’t necessarily have incredible good looks. This season is going to be a bit more dark and mysterious which I was waiting for; hopefully less heartbreaking, too. (I doubt it since Moffat has written most of the episodes this season)

 Overall, I am very happy about Peter and hope others do, also.  


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